Jovana takes the time to work with her clients. She gives you the best final product possible while working within your budget as well as your particular style. I’d highly recommend her!

K.A. Linde

USA Today Best-Selling Author

After being directed to Jovana when I was looking for a new editor to work with and being told how wonderful she was, I decided to trust Jovana with my manuscript, and I’m glad I did as I hit the jackpot! There is no one else I would want touching my work now. Jovana’s attention to detail is second to none. She weaves a certain kind of magic over my words, polishing them up to the best they can be. She is a treasure to work with, and I feel lucky to have her as part of my self-publishing team.

Samantha Towle

New York Times, USA Today, and Wall Street Journal Best-Selling Author

I’ve worked with Jovana on several books now, and with every manuscript she touches, she blows my mind even more. She doesn’t just polish my words. She finds the beauty hidden deep within, and she encourages me to reach for higher literary goals while teaching me to become a stronger writer. Jovana is truly the most skilled, thorough, and talented editor I have ever worked with, and I will never work with anyone but her. I’m so fortunate to have Jovana as part of my publishing team.

Marni Mann

USA Today Best-Selling Author

Jovana is my go-to editor. She’s someone I can count on to make my manuscript better, cleaner, and more enjoyable throughout. She makes my good books great! I highly recommend her to anyone in the industry. You can’t go wrong with her professional demeanor and quick turnaround. In short, she’s amazing!

J. Sterling

New York Times Best-Selling Author

Jovana worked tirelessly and with the patience of a saint to turn my manuscript—a mishmash of journal entries, text messages, emails, poems, and photographs—into a shockingly beautiful, utterly professional, fully formatted work of art.

BB Easton

Author of 44 Chapters About 4 Men (inspired Sex/Life Netflix show), 44 Chapters Spin-Off Series, The Rain Trilogy

There is no one I would want tackling my manuscript other than Unforeseen Editing. Jovana’s skill cannot be underscored. From thorough, genius copyediting to sharp, polished proofing to indescribably beautiful formatting, her perfection impressed me repeatedly. Not only is her talent immeasurable, but she is also an absolute dream to work with on every level, and she made the process of getting my book ready for publishing smoother than I’d imagined possible. I’m incredibly grateful to have her as a part of my self-publishing team.

Jessica Park

Author of Clear and Restless Waters

Every word, every moment, every thought is analyzed and perfected when Unforeseen Editing handles your manuscript. I’ve had four copyeditors in my career, and Jovana is by far the best! She goes beyond the role of copyeditor and looks for plot holes, character inconsistencies, and ways to better your novel. As a formatter, she makes the inside of your book look like a work of art. From the title page that sets the tone of your story to intricate graphics and handwriting changes, Jovana makes your book come to life, providing the ultimate experience to the reader.

Jeannine Colette

Author of The Abandon Series, Just Ten Seconds, Sexton Brothers Series

Working with Jovana is truly a dream. As a first-time author, I’ll admit, I had no clue what I was doing. I asked her countless questions, and she answered all of them with patience. Her attention to detail is incredible. When I got my manuscript back, I was blown away by things she’d picked up on that I had missed. She waved a magic wand over my words and made them so much better. I will forever return to Unforeseen Editing with my future writing endeavors. Thank you, Jovana, so very much for helping to make this first-time author’s dream come true.

Hannah Gray

Author of NE University Series and Brooks University Series

Working with Jovana has been a seamless, stress-free experience. From start to finish, her organization and attention to detail have made the editing process a breeze. Jovana’s dedication and sharp eye showcase how much she loves what she does. She has made my writing stronger, and I look forward to working with her in the future.

Gia Riley

Author of Drowning, Lover, Broken Wings Duet, Until We Are Gone, Kiss Me, Stupid

Jovana Shirley is a brilliant editor. She perfected my words without taking away my voice. She fact-checked. She link-checked. Simply put, she turned my manuscript into my pride. If I had my way, I would never publish without her again. She’s just that good.

Jessica Ruben

Author of Light My Fire and Warrior Undone

Jovana from Unforeseen Editing is a miracle worker. I know this because I have witnessed her work firsthand. She took my Freeing Asia manuscript and transformed it into a polished novel. She pulled all-nighters, losing sleep and missing meals, to ensure I made my deadlines, and she somehow still remained sweet, thoughtful, and completely professional through the entire process. Jovana’s work ethic is incredible, and her ability to transform a book while still allowing the author to keep her voice is definitely a gift not all editors have. She has ruined me for anyone else. Part of me wants to shout from the rooftops, ‘Every writer should use Unforeseen Editing!’ But the selfish part of me wants to keep her a secret, so I can ensure that she’ll still have time for me and my next book. Maybe, if I’m lucky, no one will read this …

E.M. Abel

Author of Breaking Free Series and Liquid & Ash

Wow! This is the first word that comes to mind as I write this testimonial. If you can begin to conceive how bad my grammar is, you’ll understand why I’m completely blown away by how Jovana transformed my manuscript. My grammar is so bad that if this reads clearly, you’d better believe Jovana edited it.

Jovana’s attention to detail is second to none, and it’s unassailable that she has a passion for what she does. She analyzes every word, sentence, and paragraph with a fine-tooth comb. That takes patience, which many editors don’t possess.

If you’re looking for an editor who will care for your work and give you their all, Jovana is your person. But I will end with this last thought: I am of the same opinion as E.M. Abel, who selfishly wants to keep Jovana a secret. And I will add, if she does get too busy, I will recant this testimony and tell people to avoid her. embarassed

C.E. Allan

Author of The Gods of Nibiru Series

Jovana is so much more than an editor. She’s a cheerleader, a drill sergeant, and an encyclopedia all in one. She double-checks facts for me, encourages me when I’m sure I’m not going to make my deadline, and she even emails back and forth with me during all-night revising sessions. Jovana’s editing skills are top-notch as well. She’s everything I hoped for and more when I hired an editor.

Diana Ames

Author of The Royals of Colania Series

Jovana is a brilliant editor. I was very apprehensive about approaching her since I was new to publishing and I didn’t know if she would be willing to work with a first-time author. When I emailed Jovana, she was so understanding and encouraging. She answered all my questions with the utmost patience before and after the edits were completed. Jovana made my book shine and sparkle and gave me the confidence I needed to hit publish. I nominate her for The Best Editor in the World award. 

Juliet Arya

Author of Don't Like You

A book is a story. It’s a collaboration of words, sometimes beautiful and hard, grouped together with the hope of making sense. Jovana’s touch is that she takes these words and shines and polishes them, so you don’t even notice them, and all you see is the story. I couldn’t be happier with the product she provides.

Renee Ericson

Author of These Days Series and More Than Water

Working with Jovana at Unforeseen Editing is the best decision I’ve made for my writing career. The moment I turn over my manuscript, I know without a doubt that it’s in the best hands, and it will be treated with the utmost care. Jovana’s work ethic, knowledge of the English language, and dedication to her work are truly admirable. From her exceptional grammar skills to her extremely helpful comments and suggestions for improvements to make my manuscript the finest it can be, she is with me every step in the process. And the part I hold dearest to my heart is that I made a dear friend along the way.

Alicia Rae

Author of The Beautiful Series, Fate for Love Series, and Tattooed Billionaire Series

Jovana has ruined me for anyone else! She is so kind and patient. As a brand-new author, I was very intimidated by the entire process of editing, and the first time I spoke to Jovana, she put me at ease. She has been so much more than an editor. Her guidance and mentoring are invaluable. I went from feeling insecure and unsure to excited and proud of my work. I am forever hers!

Amy Roe

Author of Truly Mine and One Trip Around the Sun

Writing my first novel has been a learning experience. The greatest lesson learned has been that every author needs an editor, and that editor should be Jovana Shirley. Her dedication to maintaining the writer’s voice, accompanied by her vast knowledge of the English language, impressed me over and over again. She took my words in their rawest form and pulled them together into a tighter story. Her patience with me as I fumbled through the learning stages of self-publishing was not only appreciated, but also heartfelt. Jovana quickly became an essential part of my team.

A.V. Schmidlin

Author of Through the Gates

Jovana Shirley is, simply put, the best. Her talent, professionalism, and the care she takes with my novels are worth way more than I could ever afford to pay her. Finding her was a true gift, one that I hope to always have on this journey. She not only makes my words pretty, but she also makes the interior of my books beautiful. I am so grateful for her and everything she has done to make my books the best they can be.

Ellie Wade

Author of Forever Baby, Fragment, A Beautiful Kind of Love, A Forever Kind of Love, Chasing Memories, The Flawed Heart Series

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